Zamri Ismail

Brand Creation

Zamri Ismail logo design on dark paper background

the challenge

Zamri is a sports training and rehabilitation expert who specialises in muscle activation techniques. He came to Tiny with the challenge of providing a logo that was unique to his techniques and focused on the biology of the techniques, not the act of therapy or massage. The logo couldn't be too focused on people, on massage and movement. The brand had to be something a scientist or medical specialist would be proud of.

Front and back of business cards for the Zamri Ismail brand creation project

the concept

The Zamri Ismail brand creation was centred around the muscular details of his work. We looked at muscular diagrams including the shape and texture of muscles, the stretch of muscle, the tones associated with muscle and ways to represent activation. The idea of activition had to be a highlight of the design, but it couldn't vague or too literal.

Close up detail of the Zamri Ismail website as it appears on screen
A laptop on a desk showing a section of the Zamri Ismail website home page design
A hanging poster displaying a clinic for Zamri Ismail

the finish

We had fun looking at the tones for the invigoration and activation of muscle tissue. End the end the colours reflecting the hues associated with medical muscular diagrams are all present, the finish of the logo is clean, sharp, clinical and modern. The brand was issued across a brand new website and business cards along with some promotional materials that would appear in his multiple clinics.

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