Small print items

Close up of multiple CaféPod vouchers mixed up and showing both front and back design

the challenge

Tiny had been tasked with creating multiple print items for small London based coffee pod company, CaféPod. We worked with the team their on an adhoc basis, providing design for lots of different items including vouchers, advertising and posters for trade shows. It's not always the big projects that excite us, we loved working on a small creative bunch of people and a brand close to our heart being from the coffee industry! Plus working with print always means there is something fun and tangible to discover at the end of it!

Front and back of CaféPod pack insert design

the concept

CaféPod were already established when they approached tiny to work on various items. We had to take this established style and use it to create items that not only stood but also conveyed their friendly tone. Keeping on brand is always vitally important and we always aimed to stay on the right path.

Front and back of a CaféPod postcard design
A person holding a designed copy of a CaféPod Friends promotional poster
Person holding a printed CaféPod table talker poster for a trade show
Man holding a CaféPod trade show poster design

the finish

Working with a brand that is up and running can be tricky. There's always a little bit of 'getting to know you' involved. Sometimes it would take a few goes to getting the design the way it should be but once the brand was in our minds, we never went wrong! Being involved with a consumer retail brand brought a few little challenges, there is always the small print to consider and the call to action to consider, so having one eye on these things helped!

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