Aurelia Advisory

Creating the Aurelia Advisory Brand

the challenge

Aurelia Advisory recruited Tiny to come up with new branding along with a new website. Aurelia offer legal help to businesses manage legal risks and projects while going through business development or undergoing change. We were asked to create something to signify the this change period following the idea of a caterpillar-chrysalis-butterfly transition. On top of this idea of change we had the challenge of keeping the brand traditional, it couldn't be too modern or too old-fashioned.

iPhones displaying different parts of the Aurelia Advisory website
A pair of Aurelia Advisory business cards, one showing front and the other the back
Close up of the Aurelia Advisory logo tab at the top of a page of paper

the concept

The Aurelia brand uses the chrysalis as it's heart. The brand colours we looked at were aiming to emphasise solidarity and dependability that businesses looking for the type of help that Aurelia would provide.

Extreme close up of the Aurelia Advisory logo showing the chrysalis icon
Laptop on a desk showing the Aurelia Advisory home page
A iMac computer screen showing the Aurelia Advisory home page
A laptop displaying the Aurelia Advisory latest post download section

the finish

The brand wanted to stay traditional but with an air of modernity. We chose a modern sans-serif font and offset this with body copy that kept a serif font but with an up-to-date style. The mobile friendly website was kept simple, the content being key, however the idea of change was present throughout with butterfly/chrysalis imagery.

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