Marketing Geniac

the challenge

Tiny was tasked with giving some help towards a marketing materials including a new brochure design. Geniac are a start-up accounting firm aiming to make everything centralised for small to medium businesses so that there is less hassle with finances. In this case the brand had been created, the website was already in the works.

Geniac brochure displaying the front cover

the concept

We wanted to created a brochure that was bright, refreshing and appealed to smaller customers while still holding all of the content that really showed the beauty of the Geniac's business model.

A person holding a poster sized copy of the Geniac brochure cover
Geniac brochure open to show two internal pages
Detail of internal pages within the Geniac brochure

the finish

In the end, a brand new 8 page brochure was produced which covered all of Geniac's key features with a friendly and clear approach using stylised icons, bright graphics used to present their important data and smiling happy small business customers.

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