Eden Caterers

(Eden) Catering for a Redesign

the challenge

A web design query popped into Tiny's inbox one day asking if we would be interested in redesigning combining Eden's three websites. Three very different websites which were roughly pieced together and in much need of an update. These consisted of an online ordering shop (Eden Express), an events catering service (Eden Events) and their very own high-end food culinary chef-pertise (Adrian Collischon). Our target was simple. Create something that pulled all three of Eden's different brands together but also showcased their beautiful food. At the same time making it easy for them to keep their different seasonal creations updated on their site.

An iPhone, iPad and laptop each displaying one of the three Eden Caterers brands on their website

the concept

Eden already had a brand redesigned, therefore we took it upon ourselves to design the site with the casual hand drawn look that the new brand used but also the style of a trendy cafe with a friendly casual tone full of big bold (and delicious) food photography.

A laptop on a desk showing the Eden Caterers website home page design
A woman holding an iPhone displaying the Eden Caterers website home page design
An iPhone and iPad displaying different parts of the Eden Caterers website design
Holding an iPhone displaying the Eden Caterers news page design
A woman at a desk holding an iPhone showing the account login page design for the Eden Caterers website

the finish

In the end, the food is the bread-winner! Beautiful large photos courtesy of well-known food photographer David Griffen took this website to a bright new level. Also as a result, all three brands now had a comprehensive home page that every user could easily navigate to and from. We built in a sophisticated custom management system for Eden to process their accounts, ordering and menu system. Hard work from everyone paid off!

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