Love the brand

Photo showing Lovework brand identity on letterhead, business cards and website design on iPhone and iPad

the challenge

One meeting over wine tasting in Fulham lead to Catherine at recruitment agency Lovework signing on to become one of Tiny's projects. Lovework started from scratch, we needed to create the new logo and the new identity with a casual, bright and light feel. Since that moment, we've been involved with all sorts of Lovework goodies including their website following on to event vouchers and marketing materials.

Laptop on a desk showing the home page design and Lovework branding
Close up of the Lovework brand identity printed on paper
Close up showing detail of the Lovework logo design
Detail of Lovework illustrated London skyline

the concept

We wanted to mix together the warmth of love with the fun of hand drawn illustration to create a fresh look for a recruitment business. Adding in lots of little touches and hand written fonts to create a happy place to come to for recruitment needs.

A woman holding an iPhone displaying the Lovework website home page design
Person turning pages of the Lovework brochure design
Lovework candidate voucher design
An iPad and laptop showing the Lovework website branding

the finish

Lovework has grown and grown, the company still gets lots of comments about their fun style. We aimed to create something that was new in the field that broke way from the norm in the recruitment field and achieved just that. Our design covered everything from shooting photos in London's city , to illustrating the skyline and newest recruits. With so many facets, we're still working with Lovework creating little bits 'n' pieces!

Detail of successful candidate hand drawn illustrations as they appear on the Lovework website

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