Sprout People

Sprouting Sprout People

A laptop showing the animated Sprout People website and brand identity design

the challenge

A little design agency like Tiny was just the right group to step in and create this new brand identity. These days not everyone can manage to have their own HR department, especially small businesses. This is where Sprout People come in. Sprout People is a start-up aiming to provide HR mentoring and solutions just for those companies who aren't yet big enough. We wanted a brand to reflect all of this.

Close up of the Sprout People logo design on paper
A laptop and letterhead on a desk showing the Sprout People brand identity
A woman's hand holding a copy of the Sprout People business card design

the concept

Susan at Sprout People really loved the idea of mushrooms and small bright plant life. We took it upon ourselves to feed off this love and create something that looked similar to something just like that!

Multiple cards displaying the Sprout People brand identity on the front and back of business cards
A laptop and letterhead on a desk showing the Sprout People brand identity

the finish

We spent hours working on ideas based on sprouts – bean sprouts, brussels sprouts, pea shoots...all of them. Eventually we came up with a design that used the idea of sprouts being people, these people also being different amongst themselves in the form of different colours. The brand also needed to reflect a friendly, hands-on approach. Finally we even made them physically grow for the website with a lovely little animated logo!

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