Brand creation: Zama

the challenge

Zama is a brand new real estate search function from Lagos, Nigeria. Tiny was tasked with brand creation from coming up with the naming to designing the full brand identity. Our clients had big ideas and large scale dreams for the future of the new brand - it was something unique within the country and therefore needed to speak loudly to potential users.

the concept

The focus for the branding was to showcase the lush scenery of the Nigerian landscape, the colours mimicking the bright countryside. Of course, we had to incorporate the green from the Nigerian flag. The naming concept had to be recognisable and quickly searchable, something short and sweet but understood by the people of the country, city dwellers or country folk.

the finish

The naming for the brand was created from one of the widely spoken local dialects 'Hausa' using the terms 'nema' ('to seek') and zama ('to reside'). The logo incorporates both of these phrases 'Zama' when viewed normally, 'Nema' when rotated counterclockwise. The colour scheme created from the layers of greens across the land and sky, give flexibility with colour use, providing a visually bright and instantly recognisable identity. Along with the identity, Tiny created all marketing materials, giving direction on the website design and creating promotional videos.

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