Eduardo Martinez - Olivo

Presenting Eduardo

Presentation design shown in conference setting

the challenge

Eduardo is managing director and founder of Olivo, successful entrepreneurs who build businesses. Tiny has worked with Olivo on several other projects for a couple of the companies created including Geniac and Webhelp South Africa. It was a delight to work on something on a slightly more personal level in the form of a presentation design Eduardo while presenting it in Spain.

Laptop showing a presentation design

the concept

The presentation was created with Eduardo's personality as a main driving point. It needed to be bold and bright along with a sprinkle of quirkiness reflecting Eduardo's style and demeanor.

A theatre projection showing presentation design

the finish

The presentation design incorporated a fun mixture of photography and illustration to illustrate key points. Graphs were presented in a striking format, rather than rectangular boxes often seen in Powerpoint presentations. Every slide was designed to help keep attention, not fully convey everything Eduardo spoke about while presenting.

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