The Zama Hills are Alive

A person lifting one printed version of the interactive brochure design for Zama Hills

the challenge

Our friends at Zama in Nigeria hired Tiny to create an interactive brochure design (along with a printed version) to showcase a brand new property development in Abuja, Nigeria. The development was aimed at middle to high income individuals and families looking for an exclusive living circumstance set in amongst beautiful architecturally designed homes.

the concept

The beautifully designed buildings reflected the contours of the surrounding landscape. Externally and internally the buildings exuded light bright and clear living spaces mixed in amongst some lush greenery. The interactive brochure design aimed to reflect this peaceful light setting, incorporating the same lush greenery and sophistication.

the finish

The design of the brochure uses lots of clear space giving plenty of breathing space to the content while occasionally reminding viewers of the flora they could live amongst. The colour scheme was minimal and neutral with some colour extracted from the same flora within. Users were given the opportunity to discover the highlights of each building, the surrounding area along with exploring the finer details of each internal space.

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